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Cosmetic Surgery Antalya


Turkish Riviera, Antalya today is very much a destination in its own right. Situated right on the Gulf of Antalya , the largest city on Turkey's western Mediterranean coastline is both classically beautiful and stylishly modern.


 Dr.Hakan Demir graduated from Gazi University in Ankara capitol of TurkeyFaculty of Medicine and went on to finish his training in Aesthetic ,Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Gazi University. Upon completion of this program, he became a Board Certified Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon .  he completed his six-years Plastic Surgical residency at the gazi üniversity hospital in Ankara .This comprehensive training included specialized experience at the American hospital in İstanbul . Afterthat he worked as clinic fellow  in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in UK  and gained extensive experience in the sub-specialties of aesthetic, micro, pediatric and hand surgery. 

I worked with Dr. Demirkan who involved first hand transplantation and face transplantation surgery team for 5 years.

dr Lois Perin Mario Pelle Ceravolo


We are together with our colleagues Mario Pelle Ceravolo and Luis Perin from Italy and France

Dr.Stuardr dr Roger Khouri


We are with our colleague Roger Khouri from Miami, USA, and Dr.Stuardt Mc Kirdy from England at the breast symposium.


Plastic Surgery Turkey (All inclusive package treatment- cosmetic surgery abroad )

Customized packages are being prepared ,if desired (desired treatment, 3-star or 5-star accommodation, transfer)

Cosmetic Surgery Antalya

We are always with you to explain all kinds of information before and after the operation.
Every process will be met according to your need by a consultant who will assist to you.
We care about your health . We offer you modern, sterilized, clean operating room, comfortable hospital and accommodation facilities with the best standards in the world. 

we plan your treatment, arrival, accommodation and departure operations and stand by you in this process. what matters for us is your beauty, safety, health and satisfaction.
In antalya which is one of the turkey’s tourism centers, we serve our valuable guests with our technological devices and modern medical methods.

We carry out an online(whatsapp +905323016559) pre-examination to prepare your correct treatment plan. When you decide on the service you will receive, we plan together your flight program.

A panoramic view of the Antalya coast from our clinic



 we carry out an online pre-examination to listen your health problems and prepare your correct treatment plan.
After meeting with our surgeon, we will share the most appropriate treatment plan and price with you.


You have chosen us and decided to get service from us. All you have to do is sharing your flight ticket information with us. So your reservation is created.

Service Day and Follow-up

The processes are different for each treatment. For this, you are informed about everything in advance and the operations are carried out in that way.
We are standing by you to provide the best service whenever your treatment is in the clinic or hospital. When your treatment is completed, we return back to your hotel. After a few days, we have your checks done and complete the process.


If your treatment is in the clinic, operation is performed in the clinic before starting, and if it is in the hospital, all your examinations are made previous day in clinic, payment should be done  at the clinic or before the operation.

Return and Post Follow-up

We say goodbye...
You have gone but it doesn’t end. We are in contact for the follow-up and expect good results together for a year.