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Op.Dr.Hakan Demir

Although the majority of our patients are English, they also come from America and European countries.Cosmetic surgery has a very high interest today. Whether you want to learn about breast augmentation or aesthetic nose surgery, consult a plastic surgeon. We perform all of our aesthetic surgeries in full-fledged elite hospitals and our clinic. Major plastic surgeries, breast enlargement surgery, breast reduction surgery, aesthetic nose surgery, liposuction surgeries, tummy tuck surgery, eyelid surgery and face lift surgeries (with less incisions with new methods) are performed.I always assess firstly general health conditıon of each patient who consult me to his/her to get operation or procedures before surgery. Each person is unique so that her/his operation should planned to consider her/his existing circumstances .I have never practiced all steps of any kind of operation routinely for all patient. These cardinal guıdelines have brougt me to succes to protecting my patients any harmfull complications .

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