Traditional facelifts surgery, in Dr Demir’s opinion, lack artistic vision. They merely take sagging tissue and stretch it over the cheeks. That’s why they look "tight and unnatural." Dr. Demir has breathed art into facelifts, elevating the procedure to a new plane where you "don’t look different" you become "a more natural, youthful and refined version of yourself." The Facial reshaping Facelift is truly a blending of art and science for the creation of natural beauty!!!

 a facelift does not add volume to your face, corrects your sagging tissues due to gravity, and gives your face a younger look. Therefore, if there is a loss of volume on your face, additional procedures such as fat injection will help you achieve a fresher appearance.


With age, our faces loose their "three-dimensional" quality and begin to lack the depth of a more youthful appearance. By the mid to late 30’s, one begins to see evidence of the inevitable pull of gravity on the soft tissue of the cheeks. This sagging tissue falls inward, towards the nose and chin, creating the "nasolabial fold", the "jowls" and the "turkey neck". This process thins out the face making the cheeks "more angular" and the entire face begins to take on a "relatively" more masculine appearance.

Fat Injection: