Before having Breast Augmentation (Breast Enhancement & Breast Enlargement) Procedures there are several things for you to consider. What size would you like your Breasts to be after the Enhancement Surgery? Are you interested in Saline or Silicone Breast Implants? Where would you like the incisions to be placed? Should you have the implants placed above or below the Muscle (Pectoralis Muscle)?Or are there any different ways of surgical techniques to breast enlargement ( Dual,subfascial,)

At first glace, these decisions may seem overwhelming but Dr. Demir believes that after you have a thorough explanation, of your options for Breast Augmentation, you’ll be well suited to make an informed decision about your Breast Enhancement and Enlargement Procedure.   

Suction drainage is routinely applied in the breast for at least 2-3 days by many plastic surgeons.But  Dr.Demir  doesn't use drains in the breast enlargement procedures. His new concept called ''don't touch and leave dry'' performs not to the use of drains.

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